Friday, 13 March 2015

Orientation and Task analysis


Design Brief

New building will need to function as both, the home and work place for the guard, the house needs to have 3 bedrooms and one of them must be en-suite. Toilet must be included and the house needs to have an open plan kitchen living space. Some other facilities include storage room and should also have a private car park which can be covered or uncovered. The size of the building cannot exceed the size of the previous building from river side A. Although the size of the appendix will change, this time it needs to be able to hold 10 people instead of 5. It will need the same facilities from last design brief which drinking water dispenser, reception, seating area and disabled toilet. And there will be a need of the car park for the users as well. 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Subject Futures Week

This week was a little different, instead of having our regular lectures we had a subject futures week which involved people from the industry of various backgrounds including model makers, architects and material and processes enthusiast. 
There was some very interesting topics that we discussed, the model making aspect of architecture is so unique and diverse now that technological advancements allow the clients to see animations of their products by simply downloading an app and looking through their camera. We were exposed to the type of detail and standard that model makers work with on daily bases. 
We received a talk and few tips from two former lecturers who now work full time in their studios on how we should go out about things in the industry and life. We received lecture from our tutor who showed us some of his work in broad spectrum and in very small detail to some aspects such as wind loads and pressure roofs receive from it on both sides. We were also discussing the importance of CIAT membership and so on with one former student who now works for them, it really gave me an insight of what it is and what should be done to work towards full membership.
Material and processes enthusiast has showed us another aspect to architecture, mainly based on the materials and processes within, some including robotics and three dimensional printers were very fascinating even more so his talk about the nature and how it inspires architecture, fibrous materials which were influenced by leafs or spider webs were really interesting.

This week really inspired me to sign up to student membership with CIAT and subscribe to Detail magazine to gain motivation as I go through my university course, at times workload takes over and the joy of this subject is lost but week like this has defiantly inspired me to be ambitious.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Riverside Site B

Now that riverside 1.2 is over and done with we are given a new brief for the other side of the bridge, this time around there is no existing building, everything has to be build. The tourist information centre has to be within the residential house. My second country was Finland, after I carried out my research I was happy with the choice as I have plenty of opportunities and categories to choose from.

Final Idea

This is my final design idea, after reviewing the feedback and changing few bits and pieces I have came up with more realistic extension that would be just as efficient, better aesthetically speaking and realistic to make.

Technology and Services




Proposed Idea

This design idea was made after I produced a random sketch that related to the shape of the building and solved my issues with the shape and glass connections. Initially I have produced various versions of floor plans that would help me to generate an idea that was effective and user friendly.

This was going to be my final design however after a feed back I recieved from the class and my tutor I decided to go back and fix few things that would improve the overall aesthetic element of the entire structure. At this point I didn't know how it would have been made in terms of structural elements and such.

River Side 1.2

As mentioned in previous posts, we have designed a bridge and nearly all modules have been involved one way or another weather it was surveying costs, third angle orthographic projection of the building or relating our bridge to existing structure. Well bridges connect two places together, we are assigned to design on these two places. Riverside 1.2 project required us to create an extension to the existing guard house, we were given requirements such as primary material being glass and facilities we must include. EU country of my choice was Sweden, as it has a very diverse culture, interesting geographical features in terms of land, urban areas and overall culture.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Assigned material (Bricks)

Bricks are very popular material in construction industry, they have been in use for centuries. There are different types of bricks, they can vary in size, shapes and texture. Structure of the brick can vary, depending on their purpose. Some of the bricks have different origin, some are made out of clay and some can be made out of concrete or sand lime. Bricks are used in masonry construction, they are laid out in various patterns with the use of mortar that acts as an adhesive and holds the structure together. There are two categories of brick, fired and non fired brick. Non fired bricks use air to become solid. Both methods produce strong bricks although fired 
bricks are tend to be stronger.