Friday, 24 October 2014

Elevations and Section Drawings

The next more advanced and used in the industry drawings we were introduced to are elevation drawings and section drawings. We first started off with drawing the roof for a bungalow, the plan we were given and dimensions were our to decide. So after the roof drawings we went on to do south elevation. I have learned a lot that day in terms of what kind of building drawing there are, how to section a building and also British standards when drawing plan drawings for instance symbols.

 This is my first elevation drawing and roof plan drawing, its almost accurate as I did not include chimneys and did not create the information block the right way, everything was fine except the thickness of the border which should be a lot more thicker. From this we were told to create a section drawing of the building, giving existent layout of the house. I have finally understood how to draw dimensions, my homework was almost right except the dimensions were out of place, now i know how to apply them. This weeks homework is to draw an elevation of Vulcan works building. For surveying we already gathered dimensions of the building. Now its putting them onto the paper in a professional manner, border and information block.