Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Quantity surveying of our bridge...

So this is just a follow up of our first assignment, we are requested to carry out a quantity research of our structures. So even though our design may not have been the strongest of all, it could certainly take the lead in terms of the cost of materials. Seeing the other groups have almost all materials incorporated in their designs, our one only uses foam board. To calculate the estimate of material usage I disassembled our bridge and put have putted the pieces together so the make rectangles (easy to calculate the area and the using those calculations come up with the amount of foam board we have actually used.)

So I using the dimensions of these rectangles, I calculated their area and then added up all the sums together, which has given me 5940 cm^2. So this is the amount of foam board we have used, knowing that each foam board was 80 x 25 and there was three of them, I found our the area of one and then multiplied it by 3, giving me a sum of 6000 cm^2. So 60-5940=60, I have 60 cm^2 left. The whole bridge is made out of of almost three foam boards that we were given, nothing else that we were given was used, just the foam board.

So this is my first attempt on quantity surveying of the bridge, I hope that it's correct, or at least I am heading towards the right method.