Monday, 6 October 2014

Visual Studies homework linked to our assignment...

So today we have been going over our visual studies module as we do on Mondays, After some difficulties with orthographic projection drawings I was finally able to get the technique, only sometimes I got a little confused with first angle and third angle projections. Anyhow so we have been going over some one perspective drawings today which I felt very confident with although the difficulty arrived when we started doing two point perspective drawings. Although we were told how to use the technique to develop technical drawings, I ended up confusing myself, in the end though I managed to get the idea.

So now our drawing techniques come into play with our assignment, just so we get more practise with the techniques we were given homework for next week to produce a orthographic projection drawing of a chosen angle, my choice being third angle as I find it more natural to draw that way anyway. Another drawing we are told to produce is isometric which I'm comfortable with but also one point perspective and the one i need a lot more practise on, two point perspective.

So tomorrow I'm going to meet up with few of my group mates to expand our little project as last week we didn't quite finish, we are meeting up hour before our lecture so that we can have some time developing final bits. Hopefully the structure holds a lot of weight, we will also take a lot of pictures so that we can develop the drawings for next week.

To help guide myself through the homework I have borrowed a book from our library "architectural graphics" by Francis D.K Ching, The book has some really good material, it'll help me to understand the techniques even further.