Friday, 10 October 2014

Bridges Bridges Bridges....

Thinking about our recent assignment I have researched few existing bridges, even though the assignment is not about bridges, its pretty much a structure that relates well to our specifications.

Searching for images of bridges, as I wanted to find the context. There was a lot of links and images as bridges is a broad subject. Anyhow narrowing down my search I have come across this image. It shows different kind of bridges, I can visually reference some of the models made in class to some of those. These are interesting as some are easier to read and others leave me scratching head, what's good about this image is that the bridges are spanning across a gap, there is no middle arch to support the whole structure from the ground. I find these very interesting as maybe we should have incorporated further research before committing to designing, although we all did some research, it could have been done on a bigger scale. Knowing that the centre of our structure was the weakest point maybe looking into arches in greater detail could have helped us avoid this.